The Smash DOJO recap: Samus is firing her laser!

First off, yes, the title of this post is more or less stolen from Justice. I’m sorry, but there was nothing better I could use after reading it. Shoop Da Whoop. Anyway, this week in the Dojo has been mostly about lasers.

Monday though started off with a quick audio sample of Star Fox’s stage. Tuesday is when the laser talk began with the unveiling of Pokemon, Deoxys. I do believe this will be the first time a Pokemon in the Smash series finally uses Hyper Beam as it’s attack. More laser talk was had on Wednesday when Samus’s Final Smash Attack was revealed. You’ve already seen it in action in the original trailer, so it’s not too surprising that this is her Final Smash.

After Samus uses her Final Smash though, she losses her Power Suit. She’s left with her little whip gun and not much else. Now what I want to know is A) Can she regain her Power Suit and B) What will Zero Suit Samus Final Smash be? Finally, today’s announcement was … odd to say the least. Lots of theories are being thrown around, but I think there’s a really simple answer to it. It’s just the damn opening sequence. 

Hamza Aziz