The Saboteur smacks a Nazi, rides a train in new screens

Sean Devlin is something of a bruiser. Lacking a symbiote, and to our knowledge, not carrying some sort of mutagenic virus, the protagonist of the The Saboteur has to handle his business with the might of his fists and his flare for the dramatic. His old fashioned approach to battle — punching a dude square in the face — is a nice departure from the open-world action we’ve been dealing with of late.

But wait, you say, how will controlling Devlin be entertaining since he doesn’t possess superhuman acrobatics and agility? It seems the man has some Spiderman-like skills. In the gallery below, you can observe Devlin hanging from not only a building, but also a train. Dude is serious about clobbering him some Nazis.

The Saboteur hits retail in the mouth soon — December 8th, soon, that is.

Brad BradNicholson