The rumors go on: Kid Icarus concept art hits the net (update)

Well, I’ll be honest here, guys: I’m skeptical all the way on this one. claims that they got their hands on a pitch document that contained this concept art earlier in the year, and while I have no reason to doubt that site, Nintendo is remaining tight lipped, so there is nothing that confirms these are actual concept art images in any way. Still, here they are, and speculation was still free last time I checked.

Rumor of the game’s development by Factor 5 has been floating around since mid-January. Personally, I’d really like to hear something solid on this soon, as this rumor is getting dangerously close to falling into the legendary BioShock on PS3” category. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work according to my wants and needs, so until Nintendo or Factor 5 can give us a press release, we’re left staring at this maybe concept art and hoping that Kid won’t end up as an emo boy with wings.

[Update: Thanks to Sir Chad Concelmo, it seems that the folks at G4’s The Feed might have something closer to confirmation on this game. Hmmm.]

[Thanks Adam!]

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