Here is a very noisy gameplay trailer for The Rumble Fish 2

rumble fish 2 gameplay trailer

Less Rumblin’, More Squawkin’

Publisher 3goo has released a bewildering gameplay trailer for its upcoming re-release of obscure fighter The Rumble Fish 2. Currently in development for PC & consoles at its original studio Dimps, the 2D anime fighter is expected to arrive, (alongside its predecessor), at the tail-end of 2022.

As you can see from the trailer, originally hosted by Japanese outlet 4gamer, The Rumble Fish 2 is hardly the most subtle of fighters, with bold, lurid visuals, over-the-top characters and movesets, and boasting a literal cacophony of vulgar, almost indistinct noise to soundtrack its hard-hitting action. Originally released to Japanese arcades in 2005, The Rumble Fish 2 would barely see light outside of its native Japan, which makes 3goo’s incoming rereleases something of a special occasion for fighting game fans.

The two titles are set in a dystopian take on our own world, rendered asunder by corporate capitalism run amok. The series is typified by its goofy sense of humor, anarchic tone, and distinct “S.M.A.” (Smooth Model Animation) visual style. In a post-Garou world, The Rumble Fish was the last hurrah for good-looking, technically proficient 2D fighting games, before developers would decide that 3D was the way forward for all of the major brawling-based IPs.

The Rumble Fish and The Rumble Fish 2 are currently in development for PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms. They are both expected to launch on all of the aforementioned platforms this winter.

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