The real reason the Dreamcast failed

Some of us are still scratching our heads, wondering why Sega’s Dreamcast failed. We could talk about it all day, and I don’t know the real reasons, but I’d like to blame the owner of the fine collection pictured here. My jealous energy has to go somewhere.

Siliconera links us to pictures of one gamer’s complete Japanese Dreamcast game collection, with all discs fully sealed. Sealed Game Heaven forum member (and avid collector) Adol says that these pictures are only missing a few games like the Karous and Trigger Heart Exelica because they did not exist at the time of photography. Of course, he has these titles squared away. 

No offense to the “sealed” collectors, but I join Siliconera’s Spencer in the opinion that these treasures should be opened and enjoyed. For me, the best part about the Dreamcast days was that the games were so great, and that the imports were like little orange packages of heaven.

What would you do with this collection? Me? I want to stick my face in them, swim around in them, and rub them on my body. That’s why I can’t have nice things.

Dale North