The PS5 event is rescheduled for this Thursday

PS5: The Future of Gaming is June 11 at 1pm Pacific

Sony has pushed the timeline back one week. After postponing the much-anticipated PlayStation 5 event last week amid nationwide protests in America, the show will go on exactly one week later.

It’s now confirmed that PS5: The Future of Gaming is set for Thursday, June 11 at 1pm Pacific.

There’s a lot expected from this presentation, as it’s essentially the single-biggest console reveal for the PlayStation 5 (even though Sony has been slowly divulging details for a while now). Sony has already said that we’re getting a look at some of the PS5 launch lineup of games. There’s also a good chance we’ll finally have the lid lifted on hardware design. Lastly, there’s an outside shot we’ll get a price — although both Sony and Microsoft are rumored to be playing the waiting game for announcing cost.

Who knows what we’ll get. But, whatever it is, we know when we’re getting it. See you Thursday.

Brett Makedonski
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