The PS4 Pro is up for pre-order on Amazon

November 10, $399

We just learned about it, and you can already secure it. The PS4 Pro, PlayStation’s latest and greatest, is up for pre-order on Amazon.

PS4 Pro releases in just two months on November 10. It’s priced at $399, the price that the original PS4 launched at. Prime subscribers might want to note that their Prime discount doesn’t work on this because it’s a console and not a game.

As far as specs, the PS4 Pro is a eight-core machine with 4.20 teraflop GPU. It also has 8GB of GDDR5 memory. This launch model of the Pro comes with a 1TB hard drive.

Those who are looking to get one now, here’s your chance. Those who think that the original PS4 or PS4 Slim will suffice, well, that’s perfectly fine too.

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro – 1TB [Amazon]

Brett Makedonski
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