The Pokemon Cookbook promises easy and fun recipes this year


Viz Media is planning to release an English version of The Pokémon Cookbook: Easy and Fun Recipes on December, 6 a perfect holiday gift for whomever you bought GAMER socks for last year.

Naturally ya boy who made an entire video game-themed cooking show, A la cartridge, is interested. There are over 35 recipes in the cookbook, which costs $15 and features a lot of Japanese foodstuffs, from Pikachu ramen to Poké Ball sushi. I’m not entirely sure how we’ll be making soup in the shape of the famous electric rat (that would be some weird ramen), but I am looking forward to creating some hideous approximations of beloved pocket monsters.

I’m also looking forward to mashing up Pokémon recipes with that official Pokémon lingerie catalog; I’m taking pre-orders for edible Pokémon panties right now. Eat out in style!

Steven Hansen