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Officially licensed Pokemon lingerie is happening in real life


Hey girl, let me get a Pikachu

If you've ever wanted a Pikachu on your nipples or other 'no-no zones' then you're in luck as (and I can't believe I'm actually about to type this) the Pokémon Company have officially licensed the brand out to Yummy Mart for lingerie.

It looks like the undies come in multiple flavors of Pikachu and the classic Poké Ball with no sign of Ekans or Jigglypuff to be found. I did, however, just find an Onyx in my pants.

This is the strangest way I've ever seen a kid friendly company celebrate its game's 20th anniversary, but apparently that is the purpose of these. Nothing says anniversary celebration for a children's game like a Pikachu on your tits, I guess?

Personally, I prefer getting naked, painting myself to look like a Snorlax, then laying in the hallway till my boyfriend plays me a diddy on my 'Poké Flute.' Now that, dear readers, is true love.

Yummy Mart celebrates Pokemon's 20th anniversary with special lingerie line [Shacknews via NeoGAF]


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