The Patriarch returns in the newest update for Killing Floor 2

Guess who’s back, back again…

The final boss of Killing Floor was an utter nightmare. Called The Patriarch, he was a giant mutant armed with a minigun and a rocket launcher, and if that weren’t enough, he could also turn invisible, run away and heal himself. While I’ve been killed by him more times than I can count in the original game, up to now he hasn’t made an appearance in the early access sequel, Killing Floor 2.

Finally, Tripwire has detailed the next major content update for Killing Floor 2, and with a name like Return of the Patriarch it’s probably pretty plain to see what’s going to be included.

Yeah, the Patriarch is back. He’s a bit bigger and a bit more mutated, but he’s most definitely back.

Alongside the Patriarch, the update will bring: 

  • Two new maps, one of which is set in and around a farmhouse.
  • A new perk.
  • Six new weapons.
  • A character that can be unlocked by joining the game’s official Steam group.
  • Steam workshop support for maps and mods.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • The controversial Trading Floor microtransaction system, that has gotten a bit of flack recently.

That’s a pretty damn substantial update.

As much of a bastard he is, it’s nice to see the Patriarch make a return to Killing Floor. He’s one of the more iconic baddies of the series, and his absence has felt kind of weird up to now. Poison-thrower Hans is great and all, but nothing can beat the giant minigun-wielding mutant guy. Plus having a 50/50 chance of either boss appearing will certainly shake things up a bit.

Return of the Patriarch will be added to the game in December.

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Joe Parlock