The Partnernet cat’s out of the bag; put it back in, please.

Editor’s note: My girlfriend hasn’t finished law school yet, so the video has been replaced with something we can afford, juuuuust in case. That was hot! -Niero 

Yesterday, we ran a story about Ikaruga appearing on the Xbox 360 developer-only Partnernet. The story had been confirmed by both Eurogamer and Computer & Video Games, whose staff had obviously been drinking heavily that day and had forgotten they signed Partnernet NDAs. And as you can see above, a video (detailing the contents of Partnernet) was even sent anonymously to CheapyD over at Cheap Ass Gamer.

Simon Carless wrote up a short piece about why and how Partnernet has become a public relations disaster for Microsoft. It’s a short, but interesting, look at how loose lips could actually have a negative impact on game development.

It would seem that some members of the press need to take a Non Disclosure Agreement 101 refresher course.

Nick Chester