The next Splatfest announced for the Americas

How do you like your rides?

Nintendo of America has announced the details for the next Splatfest in Splatoon, and it’s much sooner than I thought it would be! The Splatfest starts the night of July 17, at 9:00 PM PT, and runs for 24 hours. As for the teams?

Roller coasters against water slides.

I’m a huge roller coaster fan, and actively avoid water slides and rides. If I wanted all the water to get up my nose and in my eyes, I’d audition for Flashdance. There’s nothing better than riding an awesome roller coaster and feeling the G-Forces make you all tingly on the inside. I doubt they’ll change the formula for the winner, so you can expect the most popular side to take the victory.

Also, why are there human ghosts in the Splatfest picture? All of the dead souls in Splatoon after getting splatted are squid ghosts, so these pictures are creeping me out a bit. 

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