The next Skylanders will let you order your created character as a toy

More stuff to buy for Imaginators

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Skylanders Imaginators is basically embracing the whole dungeon crawler setup this time. Now you can create your own character, assign it a class, and go full Diablo with it.

But Toys for Bob and Activision are taking it a step further given the wide breadth of the character creation tools, and are allowing for custom merchandise sales. For $15, $25, and $50 respectively, you can create a card, t-shirt, and “limited run” figure through a Skylanders Creator app that links with all versions of the game (by way of an audio clip that recognizes the formula you’ve used). There’s a caveat though — the figure is encased in a dome for safety reasons. The card will also house the character and can be customized.

For parents, it’s more stuff to burn a hole in your pocket. For kids, it’s a pretty cool way to connect with the game.

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