The next sexy beach game from Japan announced: Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash

Let the next comment war commence

As if this series wasn’t lewd enough, Marvelous Entertainment has seemingly decided to jump on that beach bikini bandwagon with its announcement of Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash for PlayStation 4. This is fulfilling the promise it made back in December with its “unchanging love for boobs and games.” 

The name is taken from the water gun tournament featured in the game, Peach Beach Splash. There is no concept of good and evil shinobi this time, just good ole sexy fun times for all to enjoy regardless of Senran Kagura politics. 10 guns features will include dual pistols, gatling guns, and sniper rifles. I really want to see own a water gatling gun.

There are over 30 characters, I assume all female, to chose from for story or 5 on 5 online multiplayer. So now you can get wet with nine of your friends!

In an interview, producer Kenichiro Takaki said the game will be part of the main series and another Senran Kagura title will come from this, though they will still make action games. They have plans to release DLC characters, costumes and stories, and they are also considering adding PlayStation VR support.

Most interesting is this quote via translation: “They are considering the extent that players can intervene when it comes to costume destruction. The amount of costumes worth getting wet have increased. There’s also a considerable volume of swimsuits.” Sounds like another (lewd) game I know…

The “Super Limited Nyuu Nyuu 5th Anniversary DX Pack” includes a “Life-sized Nyuu Nyuu mouse pad of Yumi.” I can only assume that is one of those mouse-pads with the girls chest as the soft-hand rest–wait, life sized!?

There are no trailers, but I imagine it’ll be something like this (NSFW). 

Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash announced for PS4 [Gematsu]

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