The next Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak patch is pretty massive

The next Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak patch is pretty massive

Version .13.0.0

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As Monster Hunter Rise continues to trek into 2023, we have one more major patch scheduled for November 24.

“Version .13.0.0” will be implemented this week, and will add more rewards, monsters, quests, and cosmetic paid DLC. After that, we have the “winter 2023” Free Title Update 4, followed by another one in the spring.

There’s way, way more on the game’s official site: but you can read the highlights below. Thankfully, Capcom has continued the tradition of breaking down individual items that will apply to the game as a whole, and stuff that only will work if you have the Sunbreak DLC.

New Story Elements

  • A new monster has been added and will appear in Gathering Hub quests.
  • New afflicted monsters and new Risen elder dragons have been added to the game.
  • New quests have been added.
  • The cap for Anomaly Research Level has been raised.
  • The level cap for Anomaly Investigations has been raised.
  • A level adjustment feature has been added for Anomaly Investigations.
  • A wider variety of monsters now appear on Anomaly Investigations.
  • New weapons, armor, layered equipment, and skills have been added.
  • The level cap for armor upgrades has been raised.
  • Qurious Weapon Crafting now includes an option for upgrading gunlance shelling levels.
  • New skills have been added to the pool of potential skills available during Qurious Armor Crafting.
  • Two armor augment types have been added to Qurious Armor Crafting.
  • A new melding type has been added to Melding Pot: Melding—Aurora.
  • New prizes have been added to the Market’s lottery.
  • New trinkets and hanging scrolls have been added.

New System Elements

  • Followers can now accompany you on more types of quests.
  • New options have been added for Followers that allow you to customize their Wyvern Riding and item use behavior. These can be accessed under Options → Game Settings.
  • New Guild Card titles have been added.
  • A new Badge of Heroes has been added.
  • Steam achievements have been added for the awards introduced in Ver.
    Support for NVIDIA DLAA (Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing) has been added. When using an NVIDIA RTX graphics board, you can now enable NVIDIA DLAA from the “Anti-Aliasing” options.
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