The next Call of Duty title will be revealed on May 1

When Japan does a teaser site for an upcoming video, there’s Flash animations, videos, grand orchestral music and freakin’ laserbeams. Sometimes I have a greater emotional response to the teaser page than I do the actual game!

Activision’s new teaser graphic for the next Call of Duty game is a bit less exciting, but it does give some solid details on when to expect the reveal, asking fans to tune into the NBA 2012 playoffs on TNT on May 1. If you don’t do basketball, tune in here to Destructoid. BLOP!

If you close the message box on the Call of Duty webpage you’ll find other “classified” blinking displays. There’s one bouncing around the page says that it unlocks on April 25, the day after tomorrow. If you’re a COD kind of gamer, be sure to check back then.

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