The next Battlefield reportedly returns to World War II

Battlefield V seems to be the name

The most mainstream shooters have shied away from the futuristic in recent years and returned to the historic. Last year’s Call of Duty revisited World War II. The last Battlefield interestingly tackled World War I. Now, it seems as if the next Battlefield will move forward in time but still stay stuck in the past.

As GamesBeat is reporting, the next Battlefield game will use World War II as its setting. According to GamesBeat’s sources within EA, the publisher decided a few years back that it wanted to move away from futuristic campaigns. However, it was hesitant to use WWII right off the bat, so it went with World War I for Battlefield 1. This is because everyone knew that if WWI wasn’t all that well-received, transitioning to WWII would intensify interest. Of course, Battlefield 1 did very well so now EA’s looking to maintain that momentum while transitioning to WWII.

Aside from the era, we know relative little about this Battlefield. It seems as if the title will be Battlefield V (which gives the three most recent numbered games the nonsensical naming conventions of Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1, and Battlefield V). Predictably, EA DICE will be the developer. Lastly, it’s said that Battlefield V will be announced in the coming months and it will release later this year.

However, a different outlet has another report about microtransactions. USGamer has sources confirming Battlefield V will have loot crates but that they’ll only contain cosmetic items. There will supposedly be “way more customization options for your soldiers than previous games.” That was how Battlefield 1 worked too, but EA likely wants to get out in front of this bullet point because of how the whole Battlefront II microtransaction snafu is still on everyone’s minds.

All of this information feels solid enough that there’s a pretty good chance everything’s legitimate. It’s probably just a matter of time now. For what it’s worth, EA revealed Battlefield 1 in May 2016. Now we play the waiting game.

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