The newest Hogwarts Legacy patch has an undocumented change: an Ignatia Wildsmith nerf

Thanks for inventing Floo Powder

Although we did get plenty of Platinum trophy-halting fixes in the newest Hogwarts Legacy patch, one arguably more important factoid just came to light: Ignatia Wildsmith will talk less.

Screenshot by Destructoid

Ignatia Wildsmith has been nerfed

Ignatia Wildsmith, better known as the inventor of the fast-travel Floo Powder system, is constantly talking to players through Hogwarts Legacy. Nearly every time you zone in somewhere, she’s spouting one of a scant few lines at you (which can even block your subtitles if you’re trying to hear another nearby conversation). Now, things will be a little less annoying following some undocumented changes in the newest patch.

As confirmed by Avalanche community manager Chandler Wood, the March 2023 patch contained an extra bit:

“Reduced the frequency of Ignatia Wildsmith’s lines (a significant reduction), so while travel is definitely more convenient with Floo powder, you won’t have to hear about it constantly.”

It’s a simple change, but a welcome one. There were even mods for this “feature” created by the community, which likely led to putting it on the developer’s radar. Hogwarts Legacy has improved considerably from a technical standpoint as of this patch, and barring any other progress-halting bugs, mainly just needs smoothing from here on out.

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