The best Hogwarts Legacy mods that should come to Switch

Modding is magic

Hogwarts Legacy might be a multiplatform release, but of course, with a PC version comes a flood of mods, especially for a game that has as high of a profile as Hogwarts.

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Let’s take a look at the best Hogwarts Legacy PC mods in multiple categories. If you need help running them, NexusMods (which hosts all but one of the mods here) has a tutorial.

Image via WB Interactive/Nexus Mods

[Updated as of December 2023]

The best quality of life mods for Hogwarts Legacy

Pause the game during cutscenes in Hogwarts Legacy

Simply titled “Game Pauser,” this mod from YouYouTheBoxx allows players to pause the game at any time in Hogwarts Legacy, even during cutscenes.

You can find a link to the mod here.

Reset your talents (respec) in Hogwarts Legacy with a potion

You can’t respec in Hogwarts Legacy, but this mod from SilentSean fixes that for it. It allows players to buy the formula for a respec potion from J. Pippin’s Potion shop in Hogsmeade.

You can find a link to the mod here.

Free flying in Hogsmeade

I’m freeeeee…free flyin’. Although there are likely lore and mechanical reasons to not allow flight in Hogsmeade, this mod from R457 changes that. Feel free to fly around at your leisure, and quickly move from the world map to Hogsmeade seamlessly.

You can find a link to the mod here.

Skip the Alohomora minigame

Although the Alohomora minigame does fit the glove of video game lock sequences, it’s also really annoying to do, well, over 100 times. Creator VTLI had the same idea, and this mod automatically skips the lock-picking sequence.

You can find a link to the mod here.

How to tell the Floo Flame lady to quiet down in Hogwarts Legacy

This simple mod from creator Tangerie does what it says on the tin: it quiets down the Floo Flame lady (Ignatia Wildsmith), who only has a scant few lines of dialogue throughout the game.

You can find a link to the mod here.

The best performance mod How to fix PC performance issues in Hogwarts Legacy (FPS Drops, lag, etc)


This performance-based mod from creator Seifunaru is one of the most popular mods for Hogwarts Legacy. It essentially overhauls the game to provide an improved framerate, and tweaks the engine for efficiency. It has since been updated with more feedback and fixes since launch.

You can find a link to the mod here.

Image via WB Interactive/Nexus Mods

The best cosmetic mods for Hogwarts Legacy

A facial hair mod

While your player character is supposed to be a youngster within the storyline, you can sprout facial hair if you so choose with this mod from sir_galahad172.

You can find a link to the mod here.

Get the Elder Wand in Hogwarts Legacy

Although you can play with the Elder Wand for a bit in a scripted sequence, you don’t get to keep it. This mod, also from creator sir_galahad172, changes that!

You can find a link to the mod here.

Remove all spider models from Hogwarts Legacy

NorskPL’s Arachnophobia mod is genius. Not only does it remove all of the spider character models from the game (including the really creepy ones!), it replaces them with cubes.

You can find a link to the mod here.

Swap your mount for a dragon

One of the flashiest mods out there lets you ride a full-on blazing dragon, swapping out the original Hippogryff skin. Amazingly, all the animations are changed out too.

You can find a link to the mod here.

A smaller, less 2023-open-world-video-game UI

Massive all-encompassing UIs haven’t just become meme fodder in recent years (thanks Ubisoft!): they’re also a reality. The aptly-named “Smaller UI” mod lets you remove and shrink down a lot of clutter.

You can find a link to the mod here.

An expanded character editor is a reality, thanks to modding

This character editor is fairly straightforward and allows you to add a little more theme to your adventure. The best part? You can use it at any point in your game.

You can find a link to the mod here.

A Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod is in development by the Skyrim Together multiplayer mod team

Bonus round!

The folks who worked on Skyrim multiplayer mod “Skyrim Together” are also toiling away at a Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod. Right now the mod is only available to Patreon subscribers in early access form, but the team intends to publicly release everything is finished.

You can find more info on the Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod here.

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