The new Sakurai YouTube channel is approaching 300K subscribers as he posts more dev videos

Sakurai YouTube channel

A video on Kirby and frame rates have come out since its debut

Just a few days ago, the Smash Ultimate screen-a-day fun ended, but another journey began: a Sakurai YouTube channel. He kicked things off by posting three videos: one that introduced the channel, one that introduced himself, and another that talked about the development concept of lingering.

In just two days he’s now amassed nearly 300,000 subscribers (283K at the time of publication), and has posted two more videos, which you can find below. He also has a Japanese YouTube channel, which has a comparable 246K subscribers at the time of publication. Since he provides English subtitles for his aforementioned English channel anyway while speaking in Japanese, the main difference for the latter is that the on-screen text is actually in Japanese — in addition to native language subtitles.

Kirby’s Dream Land:

For five minutes, Sakurai talks about Kirby’s Dream Land in the new Sakurai YouTube channel clip. The 1992 Game Boy classic kicked off the series — and was also the first game Sakurai directed!

Frame rates:

In a topic that isn’t touched upon that often by folks who work on first-party Nintendo games, Sakurai walks us through the basics of frame rates in the video game industry. Sakurai’s YouTube channel video even goes into the “standard” of 30FPS and mentions Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Shadow of the Colossus in his lecture.

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