The new Record of Lodoss War game’s next Early Access stage has been delayed

Now coming in January 2021

Good timing! I just recently re-bought the Complete Edition of The Record of Lodoss War OVA on Blu-ray. I mean, it’s never a bad time to watch the Lodoss War OVA again: it’s a masterpiece.

That’s exactly why Team Ladybug is bringing this timeless classic back in game form. Titled Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth-, this action adventure platformer is due out sometime in 2021. Right now it’s in Early Access, and will remain there for a bit: as evidenced by a new update from the development team.

According to the studio, the new “Stage 3 and 4 update” will not hit its November target, and is instead aiming for a January 2021 deployment. In the meantime the team is looking at fixing numerous fan-requested issues, like additional language support, volume settings, controller rumble, a proper game manual, and additional status effects.

Having played a bit of the game thus far (it’s $12.99 and worth a plunge if you’re remotely interested in the IP or 2D action platformers), I’m really enjoying the fact that Lodoss War is back in some capacity. While the elf Deedlit is the perfect vessel for a game like this, I hope we eventually see the entire crew make an appearance in another project: Curse of the Moon style.

The release timing of the Stage 3+4 update has changed [Steam]

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