The new Hitman episode has a pretty clear lampoon of Donald Trump

He even fired his housekeeper

Hitman is known for its off-the-cuff dialogue sessions between otherwise meaningless AI characters, and this one kind of caught me off guard, albeit a long-hanging fruit kind of off guard.

While playing the new Bangkok level, I happened upon a clear reference to presidential candidate Donald “The Donald” Trump. The “great again,” “I built half the world,” and “I’m a winner” quotes really give it away. It’s cheap, but mildly entertaining for a few minutes while you’re tracking down the under-30 indie band member who may or may not have killed his ex-girlfriend (that’s also a subplot for this season of Ray Donovan — coincidence?!).

The scene in question is directly to the right of the starting area, on beach chairs near the water. You can watch it for yourself at roughly 7:15 in by way of the below video.

Chris Carter
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