The new game from members of the Super Smash Bros. Project M mod sure looks familiar

Icons: Combat Arena

A new free-to-play “platform fighter” (read: Smash Bros. clone) by members of the Project M mod for Super Smash Bros. Brawl — the mod that aimed to make the game more like Melee because the competitive community seems to like that game better — has finally been revealed. 

Boy, it sure does look like Smash Bros. outside of the character and level textures. From the moves, to the level layouts, to the bubbles appearing around characters when blocking. Everything here seems awfully familiar. This begs the question: Why not just play Super Smash Bros. Melee instead apart from the difficulty of online play, need for a CRT and other aging hardware? Okay, so there are a few reasons, but is that enough to tempt the fan base from Nintendo’s popular franchise? 

Currently, the community’s reaction seems split down the middle. At the time of writing, the trailer has about as many thumbs down as it does up.

I guess we will find out in the near future as you can now sign up for the game’s beta, which nets you a skin for Kidd, the goat boy featured in the above trailer.

Jed Whitaker