The new Call of Duty isn’t officially Modern Warfare 4, but it’s probably Modern Warfare 4

Warfare gets modern again

How far down the Same Tree rabbit hole are you willing to go? The new Call of Duty is the subject of all sorts of speculation and the flimsiest of forensic analysis.

Activision recently hosted an event for a handful of NFL prospects where they got hands-on time with the new game before anyone else. Everything was branded as generically as possible, with simple “Call of Duty” logos being the only signifier as to what game was being played. Here’s a picture of everyone playing:

This, naturally, was enough for some sleuths to definitively declare that Modern Warfare 4 is this year’s game. How do we know? Uhh, this chopped and screwed video — all distorted until the facts become undeniably clear.

Silly as this may be, the broad strokes are probably right. Modern Warfare 4 is likely going to be this year’s Call of Duty. It’s Infinity Ward’s turn to bat, and its most recent game was Infinite Warfare in 2016. Before that, Modern Warfare 3 released in 2011 (with a detour for the mostly forgettable Ghosts in 2013). The Modern Warfare sub-series is Infinity Ward’s bread and butter.

Also, there have been previous rumors that Modern Warfare 4 would release in 2019. Call of Duty has a habit of leaking, and the leaks are almost always spot-on. It has to be extremely tough to keep one of the world’s biggest games under wraps year after year, and Call of Duty routinely gets prematurely revealed.

All this weird football stuff shouldn’t be enough to sway anyone. But, regardless, it’s probably Modern Warfare 4. They say you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket, but go ahead and put all your eggs in the Modern Warfare 4 basket. In the unlikely event it’s wrong, you’ll only end up disappointed and eggless.  

Brett Makedonski
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