The Network Roundup: Kickstarter my weekend

Alright, it’s Friday and time to start off the weekend! Why is it that I again find myself obsessed with some small pocket of the interweb? Instead of looking at news and the usual celebrity gossip, I find myself looking over various Kickstarter projects and dreaming of being someone who actually comes up with cool ideas. It’s like browsing though people’s dreams and hopes.

Around the network we were at the other end of things, looking at at tons of great things to blow our paychecks on! At Destructoid we found out some hot expansions and new hardware. Japanator took a peak at a really nostalgic project. Flixist lets us know where we should be spending our hard earned cash this weekend. Finally, Tomopop just us the perfection known only as Cell. Anybody have an amazing Kickstarter idea I can steal?




Hiroko Yamamura