The NES belt buckle lets you play on the go, protects your crotch

The slapping of videogame accessories over your junk fad seems to be still going strong. It all started with NESBuckle when they introduced classic old school controllers as belt buckles. Then someone had the idea of making a belt buckle out of the original fat GameBoy (among some other weird gaming/fashion hybrids). And if that wasn’t big enough, NESBuckle took things one-step further by making the NES Advantage into a belt buckle.

Now, someone had the bright idea of making the actual Nintendo Entertainment System into a belt buckle. And unlike all of the other belt mods, the NES still works. As demonstrated in the above video, you can take your NES belt wherever, hook it up, and start playing games. NESBuckle is selling the NES buckle with two controllers, the A/V cable, power cord and Super Mario Bros. (actual belt sold separately) all for $300.

Save your money kids, this is way too damn much. You would think at that price that they would have at least modded the NES so it could take batteries. Or you know, use the NES 2 since it’s a lot more compact. Granted, it would be pretty funny to see people wearing these at something like PAX and taking over the demo stations.

Also, GameBoy Color shoes.

[Via Engadget and Pedro’s C Blog]

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