The Need for Speed: Undercover teaser will make you think it’s a Hollywood movie

Seriously. I thought this teaser trailer was promoting an upcoming motion picture based on the Need For Speed series. As it turns out, it’s a teaser for the next game in the Need For Speed franchise. The last Need for Speed I got into was NFS: Hot Pursuit for the PS1 and I only just found out about the ridiculous live action scenes from some of the last games in the series.
The trailer shows a couple of famous Hollywood actresses such as Christina Milian and Maggie Q, some over the top CG race scenes, and shiny dramatic text. The trailer is just teasing the story for Undercover, as there’s no actual gameplay.
The trailer ends by promoting a Web site called WhichRoadToTake, which takes you to a video of an interrogation taking place where things soon get out of hand. Clicking on the camera and the folders on the bookshelf in the interrogation room will bring up additional footage including a scene with Maggie Q. There are other objects within the room that are clickable, but won’t be accessible until certain dates.
Need For Speed: Undercover will be dropping on November 18 this year and it’ll most likely be available on every console and handheld that matters. 
[Via JeuxVideo — Thanks to master Matlockery, power-glove!]
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