The mystery of Wii Play ‘n Learn revealed, even more boring than it sounds

After a mysterious UPC popped up online, we began speculating over what this mysterious “Wii Play n’ Learn” could be. While we were all sitting here scratching our chins and stroking our beards, Wired News went out and did some old-fashioned journalism to get the answer. 

Are you sitting down? The only difference between the current configuration and this new UPC is … the inclusion of the Wii Remote Jacket. That’s right, the only thing you’re going to be learning here is how to make your peripherals look silly. Oh, and safe sex.

No one is sure how the code made its way into the database with a silly little name like “Wii Play ‘n Learn.” But the odds seem high that something playing and learning related is scheduled to hit Nintendo’s console sometime in the future.

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