The most passionate Mega Man fan community is holding a fun contest to finish the ending for Legends 2

The prize is a figure

Mega Man Legends 2 came out in 2000, and since then we haven’t had a real resolution to its cliffhanger of Mega Man being stranded on the moon (Elysium). We almost got Mega Man Legends 3, but it was infamously canceled and the Blue Bomber as a whole was put on ice shortly after.

After running many events since its inception in 2012, fan group Get Me Off The Moon (also known as 100,000 Strong) is taking the opportunity to run a fun little contest — resolve the cliffhanger yourself. If you win, you’ll net a Bad Mega Man Volnutt 4Inch-Nel figure, an 11″ by 17″ poster of the 20th anniversary Legends artwork commissioned from Bonus Level, and a 13″ bead sprite of Volnutt’s sprite from Namco X Capcom.  The Nel is a New York Comic Con exclusive, and generally runs around $90 on the open market.

Entries can be “a fan fiction, comic, playable fan-game, audio drama, a piece of animation…anything you want.” In case you forgot how Mega Man Legends 2 ended, you can watch it here, and be sure to check out all the rules if you want to enter the contest.

Get Me off the Moon [Facebook via Rockman Corner]

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