The Medium will cost $50 when it hits Xbox Series X and PC on December 10

Or you can (ideally) play it with Xbox Game Pass

Bloober Team has narrowed the holiday release window for The Medium down to its final release date: December 10, 2020. The dual-reality psychological horror game will be playable on PC – through Steam, the Epic Games Store, and the Microsoft Store – and also Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Having been burned by launch-window console games before, for me – and I hope this doesn’t sound too reductive – The Medium has fallen into that weird gray area where I can’t tell if it stands out because it’s an early next-gen game or because it’s just inherently that compelling on its own. A little of both, maybe? The spirit-world premise is promising, and they’ve got Akira Yamaoka, so I’m feeling hopeful.

One thing I am sure about: the price. It’s nice to see this game launch at “only” $50 when higher-profile games are coming out of the gate at $70. I’m sure it’ll find an audience beyond Bloober Team’s base.

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