Riot reveals action RPG The Mageseeker, the latest League spin-off

The Mageseeker Riot Forge

Plus, two other Forge spinoffs have windows

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Riot Forge, the publishing arm for spin-offs of Riot Games’ League of Legends series, has locked in another game set in Runeterra. The Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story is an action RPG following League of Legends champion Sylas, developed by Digital Sun, and arriving this year.

The Mageseeker will see players take control of Sylas, an escaped mage in search of vengenace and looking to take it out on Demacia. It’s a 2D action RPG where Sylas and the player will raise a mage army and eventually lead a revolution. Digital Sun, the tema behind merchant RPG Moonlighter, is making The Mageseeker. It’s set to arrive in spring 2023 for PC and console.

Additionally, the Riot Forge locked in release windows for two other projects. Song of Nunu, a character-action game from Tequila Works starring Nunu and Willump, is aiming for fall 2023. And Convergence, a single-player 2D action platformer starring time-bending champion Ekko and developed by Double Stallion Games, arrives in summer 2023.

Fanning the Forge

Riot Forge covers the ongoing third-party efforts to expand out the world of League of Legends. Games have been steadily rolling out of it, too; we’ve already seen the likes of auto-runner Hextech Mayhem and the Airship Syndicate-developed RPG Ruined King.

All the while, Riot Games is also crafting its own dive into the world of League of Legends. The fighting game Project L sits somewhere on the horizon, and other projects lurk around. Add on the likes of Teamfight Tactics and the successful Arcane series, and it feels like League of Legends has expanded far beyond its MOBA bounds at this point.

That’s probably a good thing, for those who dug stories like Arcane but aren’t keen on playing some 5-on-5 in the Rift. We’ll see what the Forge has in store as more of its projects roll out throughout 2023.

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