The Lost and Damned for $15, other 360 deals on the way

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With Netflix parties, Games on Demand, Avatar accessories, and more making it to everyone’s Xbox 360 tomorrow, Microsoft has been more than a little jazzed lately. You can be just as jazzed too, but only if you are an Xbox LIVE Gold member. Only a Silver member? Microsoft will be handing out complimentary rotten fruit, so stay tuned for details.

Kicking things off on the Deal of the Week front is the “Ultimate Team” add-on for FIFA 09, which is being dropped from 800 Microsoft Points down to five bucks this week only. Then, starting next week, Halo 3‘s “Splatter Spree” Premium Theme (video here) will be temporarily discounted.

Next up is of course Grand Theft Auto IV‘s “The Lost and Damned” DLC for $15, and that’s happening the week of August 24. Finally, with PAX on the horizon, the following week will see Episode Two of On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness get a price reduction.

I think it’s fairly obvious which discount is going to be a big deal. Mark those calendars!

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