The Long Dark shows off its story ahead of early 2016 launch

‘Don’t let this new world break you’

I’ve been interested in The Long Dark, an artsy flourish in the open world survival simulator mold, since it launched on Kickstarter two years ago. It has since been released on Early Access, and even got a major update early this year, but one thing kept out of view has been the game’s narrative (they’ve even got the voices of MaleShepard and Deus Ex‘s Adam Jensen).

The above trailer delves into the story and its two playable protagonists; story mode will be available in The Long Dark‘s early 2016 launch. The plan is as follows:

At launch, The Long Dark® will include both the first part of Season One of Story Mode, and the Sandbox Mode. The Story Mode content launching in the Spring will amount to 3-4 hours of gameplay, in addition to the freeform Sandbox mode which offers 100s of hours of open-world exploration-survival gameplay.

The remainder of Season One will be released in additional 2-3 hour episodes over the course of 2016, until the Season One story arc is complete. The expected play time for the entire Season One Story Mode is between 10-12 hours.

Steven Hansen