The list of Yakuza 4 localization edits is very small

Yes, Sega has learned their lesson. You can’t cut content out in localization for no reason. Especially if it’s horny content.

Siliconera spoke with Sega this week to get the exact lowdown on what was changed. The list is very small, thankfully. Here it is:

  • Answer x Answer quiz game was removed
  • Opening video was changed

That’s it! Know that the quiz game had to go because the question text is actually made of images, and couldn’t be translated. There was a licensing problem with the song in the opening video so Sega created a remix of “For Faith” from Hidenori Shoji to replace the song. All other music is fully intact.

Take comfort in knowing that we still get the hostess content, complete with the stare command. 

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