The Legend of Zelda Orchestra Concert VOD is now available

Hey! Listen!

Have you ever wanted to listen to the music of The Legend of Zelda live? Well, consider your wish granted. Nintendo has dropped the VOD for The Legend of Zelda Orchestra Concert onto their YouTube after canceling the originally Tokyo-exclusive performance at Nintendo Live 2024 TOKYO.

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Some of the tracks performed include Kakariko Village, The Ballad of the Goddess, and the main theme of Tears of the Kingdom. The orchestra beautifully showcases the series’ rich musical history through powerful renditions of the beloved classics. At a runtime of almost a half hour, it’ll make for a pretty nice trip down memory lane if you’re up for that adventure.

Also posted were statues of the Tears of the Kingdom‘s versions of Zelda, Link, and our no.1 hottie (according to Zoey Handley), Ganondorf.

The concert was originally planned for Nintendo Live TOKYO in January. Nintendo canceled the event after receiving threats targeting the audience and workers.

In addition to the Zelda concert, Nintendo also held a Splatoon 3-themed concert the morning of February 10.

Musically Inclined

Whether you like The Legend of Zelda or not, you have to agree the music is amazing. Whether it’s the classic Koji Kondo tracks or the newer Manaka Kataoka compositions, all Zelda music is downright memorable. So, to be able to have a whole concert dedicated to it and done live is pretty awesome.

Watching the concert made me realize something: I really want to see it live. The closest I got to that was Lindsey Stirling with her Zelda melody years ago. And, as someone who’s watched the trailers for Tears of the Kingdom and Breath of the Wind multiple times for the songs, I’d pay good money. I feel the same way about Final Fantasy and Sonic, as all of them have amazing orchestral tracks that’d be amazing to see live. So, Nintendo, maybe you could plan a national tour or something? Fine, I’ll just play my ocarina in private.

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