The Legend of Neil season two comes to a close

Well this kind of snuck up on me. Last time we checked in on The Legend of Neil, it was a musical episode full of sex jokes! Somehow, four episodes flew under my radar since then and the final episode of this season premiered today.

In the final four episodes, Neil goes to a bar and makes friends with some Moblins, gets saved and almost sodomized by another Moblin, is forced to kill his Moblin friends and eventually gets captured by Ganon. Neil wants out of Hyrule, but Princess Zelda is still held captive by Gannon so Neil has to chose whether he wants to be a hero or run away like a coward. 

Episode four is above and the final three await you after the break. You guys like the series? Do you want a season three to happen? 

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

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