The latest FFXIV patch alters jobs in PVP, removes inactivity timer

FFXIV inactivity timer

You don’t get kicked out after 30 minutes anymore

The FFXIV inactivity timer is no more: for now, at least! Patch 6.11a has removed the feature that logged folks out after 30 minutes of not doing anything, now that the servers have stabilized since the release of Endwalker. Square Enix says this applies to all areas of the game, including the Firmament.

In what can be described as a minor patch, the team also alters job balance a bit, mixes up PVP matchmaking (in Crystalline Conflict “players in the Crystal tier can now be matched with players who are Diamond 3 (with 1 Rising Star) or higher”), and several bugs have been addressed, including the Paladin Requiescat glitch.

As a general rule, multiple jobs have been buffed in PVP to bring their performance up and allow for more party variety. Gunbreaker, Bard, Machinist, Dancer, Summoner, and Black Mage have gotten potency (damage) increases across the board; with the latter getting massive changes to multiple abilities (including cast time reductions and even added functionality). The Red Mage was nerfed a bit (only with the corps-a-corps ability, reducing its damage reduction from 20% to 10%).

The FFXIV inactivity timer is easily the biggest deal of the patch though. While 30 minutes is a decent chunk of time, it’s not enough to go out to eat and come back! Sometimes, especially in a social situation like waiting to start a raid, it can be useful to stay logged in just to receive/eventually read messages from friends.

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