The latest Borderlands 3 update fixes a few lingering glitches and heralds in a new event

From December 31 to January 16

After a short holiday hiatus, Gearbox was back to work on Borderlands 3 fixes, and gave us several post-Thanksgiving updates as well as a major DLC drop. Well, there are more updates on the way, and this one might usher in a few of your most-wanted changes.

For starters, Gearbox claims that the matchmaking experience as a whole has been improved on the backend. You also won’t be whisked away into the Maliwan Blacksite event until you have a full party of four; thankfully preventing awkward disconnects that prevent you from actually starting the event in a reasonable amount of time.

There’s also a new takedown coming, and it’ll run from December 31 (typically patches go live in the early afternoon, US ET) through January 16. It’ll be balanced based on your party size, so it confusingly won’t use the above system as it will prioritize speed over waiting for a full crew. Gearbox is clearly experimenting here and I hope they find a good balance.

As for the aforementioned bug fixes, the Deathspheres, which have been annoying players everywhere, have been nerfed for the Maliwan Blacksite event. The Agonizer 9000 was also causing a pair of bugs that should be settled now, in addition to two Zane/Mose abilities. You can find the full patch notes below!

Hotfixes [Gearbox]

Takedown New Year’s Event:

Start the New Year off by jumping into Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite!

From Tuesday, December 31 to Monday, January 16, you can enjoy the Takedown balanced to the number of players in your party.

Matchmaking service will also be temporarily be updated to prioritize getting parties into Takedown quickly instead of waiting for a full party during the event.

This is a great opportunity for anyone who’s wanted to try the Takedown but was reluctant due to it being scaled to a full party of four!

Matchmaking Improvements:

We’ve made some changes to the backend to improve the matchmaking experience in Borderlands 3.

We’ve also moved the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite matchmaking option in the Social panel forward. The Takedown matchmaking service now won’t transition players into the Takedown until a full party of four players have been found. We believe players would prefer matchmaking take a little longer in order to enter the Takedown with a full party. We’ll be monitoring this change and will adjust as necessary.


  • Decreased the shields and armor on Maliwan Deathspheres in the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite

The recent patch improved the navigation of the Deathspheres in the Takedown. As a result, these enemies have become much more difficult to track and hit. To balance this change, we are lowering their armor and shield values.

  • Addressed a reported concern that Terror was sometimes not dropping his loot when re-running Agonizer 9000

  • Addressed a reported concern where loot could sometimes fall through the floor surrounding the Agonizer 9000

  • Addressed a perceived progression blocker where enemies would sometimes not spawn immediately for the objective “Kill Traitors” in the mission “Porta Prison”

  • Addressed a reported concern that Zane’s “Trick of the Light” skill was sometimes reporting lower bonus damage values in its description than what it was awarding

  • Addressed a reported concern that Moze’s “Desperate Measures” skill sometimes wasn’t awarding the damage bonus to Iron Bear’s Right Gun

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