The Last Story may be Sakaguchi’s final game

Final Fantasy creator, Mistwalker head and RPG legend Hironobu Sakaguchi has stated that he may very well be retiring from the scene after The Last Story. Pay close attention to this Wii exclusive, as it could be an icon’s swan song. 

“This is a title that myself and the development staff are putting 120% of our energy into,” says Sakaguchi. “I’m fully pouring everything into this one title, and the feeling of it maybe being my last title is strong.”

Speaking as a fan of Mistwalker, this is pretty big news, and it makes The Last Story even more interesting. This RPG is definitely in my top five most wanted Wii games right now, and I really hope that, if this is going to be Sakaguchi’s last, that he goes out with a bang. 

Of course, Sakaguchi had also planned to retire after the first Final Fantasy, and we all saw how he stuck to his guns there. 

Sakaguchi Putting 120% Into The Last Story [Andria Sang]

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