The last Marvel’s Avengers datamining efforts uncovered quite a bit

Black Panther and War Machine were previously known

Some time ago, a rather large datamining effort uncovered a ton of potential characters that could enter the world of Marvel’s Avengers. Now, someone else seems to have figured out which ones are coming next.

While we know that Kate Bishop and Clint Barton are coming in early 2021 as a Hawkeye duo (as well as Spider-Man as a PlayStation exclusive at some point); we have little knowledge of what’s actually arriving after that. Thanks to Avengers fan Miller, who has been tweeting out the latest discoveries, it seems like Black Panther and War Machine could be next: as their character models are fully visible.

This could also be our first confirmation of additional levels and missions, too. The phrases “Crystal of Kadavus, Draupnir Tactigon, Norn Stone of Protection, Norn Stone of Alliance, Norn Stone of Attunement, and Norn Stone of the Fanatic,” were datamined, which could lead to potential future storylines.

Of course, none of this is official yet, and could be content left on the cutting room floor that may never see the light of day. Given the situation this game is in, some of the stuff that’s been datamined could be cut at some point. Square Enix still has to ship the “next-gen upgrades” and they are already behind schedule with DLC rollouts.

Miller [Twitter via MP1st]

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