The Last Case of Benedict Fox is a cosmic horror metroidvania for PC and Xbox

The Last Case of Benedict Fox

Cutting through the noise

The Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase had a lot of known quantities — games we already knew about with new content or release dates in tow — but of the new-to-me showings, The Last Case of Benedict Fox stood out. It’s a Lovecraft-inspired metroidvania game with a protagonist who’s got a “demon companion” inside him. Cool, right?

As a detective in the 1920s, you’ll tango with the occult in combat that Rogue Games and developer Plot Twist describe as “challenging” and suitable for fans of Souls-likes. So far, just going off the trailer, I’m most interested in the art direction and themes; if the more conventional action and platforming hold up decently well, that’ll be a bonus for me.

As a fan of The Darkness who still thinks about that game (and to a lesser extent, its sequel) from time to time, the whole internal demonic struggle angle appeals to me.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox is coming to PC and Xbox Series X/S in spring 2023.

Jordan Devore
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