The King of Fighters XIII: Global Match brings rollback to a fighting gem

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2D or not 2D

SNK has announced that it is set to re-release one of the very finest, (and for some fans, the last finest), entries in the legendary KoF franchise — The King of Fighters XIII: Global Match, which will see the 2010 gem rereleased on PlayStation and Switch, bolstered with all-new rollback netcode.

Originally released in 2010, KoF XIII was, essentially, the rejuvenation that the long-running franchise had been crying out for some years. Featuring gorgeous rendered/rotoscoped pixel art, a roster of fantastic, beautifully animated characters, cool new stages, and a great soundtrack, the launch of KoF XIII felt incredibly special, especially given the chaotic, half-baked disappointment of its predecessor, KoF XII. Unfortunately, despite being held in high regard, lackluster online capabilities did little to help the already niche fighter hold its ground on the competitive scene.

But SNK hopes that Global Match, complete with its revamped, modern-day netcode, will allow those fans pining for the latter days of the franchise’s 2D venture to get back in the ring, taking on KoF (and other fighting game) fans worldwide. Perhaps we’ll even see the great title make a quiet return on the professional circuit — though SNK will understandably be putting most of its chips in the KoF XV bucket. Regardless, this is fantastic news for long-term KoF fans, and I get my gal Leona and my boy Ash back in all their super-smooth, pixel-powered glory.

The King of Fighters XIII: Global Match is in development for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. A beta test for PS4 is scheduled for the summer, when more details will also be revealed regarding release.

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