Jackbox Party Pack 10
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The Jackbox Party Pack 10 announced for Fall with accompanying lead-up celebration

We’ve actually been staring at that bald head since 1995

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How are we already up to the 10th Jackbox? I’m not sure, but this Fall, Jackbox games will be dropping The Jackbox Party Pack 10 on our heads. Hopefully, we’ll get a new Fibbage 5 since my family and I can not ever get enough Fibbage, and we’re afraid of trying new things.

To commemorate the move into double-digits, Jackbox Games will be spending the next few months sharing details and behind-the-scene looks at the five games that are coming to The Jackbox Party Pack 10. Even better, the team will be looking backward at each of the Party Packs and highlighting one each month leading up to the release of the newest one. These highlights will reveal insight into the development of the series, live streams featuring the developers, and discounts on Steam codes for the highlighted pack through the Jackbox Games Shop.

If you haven’t played a Jackbox Party Pack, they’re a great way to trick your non-gaming friends into playing something. They’re a staple for my family and me whenever I’m visiting, alongside Mario Kart 8 and Rock Band 4. The downside is that they require a phone, tablet, laptop, or anything else you can access a browser on since they’re used as your secret answer screen. It makes sense when you play it and is more fun than I’m probably making it sound.

The Jackbox Party Pack 10 will release this Fall, 2023. Jackbox Party Packs 1-9 are available on consoles and PC.

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