The Impossible Game 2 is going to torment us on iOS and Android

The Impossible Game 2 screenshot for iOS and Android

Rage against the machine alone or compete in 60-player online races in this official sequel

If you were tapped into Destructoid and other gaming blogs a decade ago, you might remember a deceptively simple-looking platformer called The Impossible Game. It drove us mad. And all these years later, there’s a sequel to torment us again. The Impossible Game 2 is coming soon to iOS and Android as a free release with “no ads or pay-to-win.”

This is one of those viral games that got popular enough to attract a lot of imitators, so it’s worth stressing that The Impossible Game 2 is, in fact, developed by Fluke Games.

There’s a lot going on in the flashy trailer, but despite some “crazy new mechanics like jetpacks, portals, and guns,” the overall premise is the same: as an always-moving square, you’ve got to time your jumps just right to avoid pitfalls and spiky obstacles in 20+ levels.

Other new elements, like 60-player races with cross-platform support across iOS and Android, should spice up the classic patience-testing endless-runner format. And beyond the core set of levels, there’s also an editor — the same one used “in the rest of the game (aside from boss battles)” — with the ability to share your sinister levels online.

As for monetization, the creator of The Impossible Game 2 says that “almost every level, including the online battle royale mode, is available to play for free. Players can optionally purchase a $5 Achievement Pass which unlocks level-progression rewards such as skins and items in the level editor, as well as bonus skateboarding level ‘Cloud 9.'”

I’m feeling a bit of nostalgia, for sure. And while I have a very particular and honestly pretty weird taste in mobile games, I can see this one cutting through.

Jordan Devore
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