The Great Escape: Blog recap

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It’s the last day in June, which means our Monthly Music topic is about to get replaced. We got a lot of fantastic submissions throughout the entire month. Next month’s topic will be going live tomorrow, and I encourage everyone to participate. (Participate early! It’s hard to promote your blog for the month when you post it at 11:00pm on the last day.)

Below the jump, you can see a list of all the submissions we got for The Great Escape. Take the time to read through them — there are a lot of great stories and articles in there.

Thanks to everyone who wrote a blog this month!

Monthly Musing Blogs for June:

Psychosoldier: Middle School
Danzflor: Thank you for helping us help you help us all
Revariance: Hurricanes and High School
Blindfire: Grief
fightmejimmy: Saving the World
Elsa: You’re a Dickhead! and From Physical Pain
Nic128: Outside
Alakaiser: One Foot in Reality
Fame Designer: Back to Reality
Kraid: A trip to Kanto will fix everything
chaotical: A Hard Day’s Night
kytherno: Troubled Times
Sonic9jct: Ready to Friday
TriplZer0: The Real Working World
prrulz: The Greatest RPG in a Child’s Mind
Shakah Herrera: Square RPGs Have Helped Me
CharlieKun: The Joy of Observation
AwesomeExMachina: Tiny Plastic Guitars and Wiimotes
AngelEena: Poor childhood leads to bad health
Brandon Holmes: From Your Own Brain
Jel X: Pursuing the Dream
naiathegamer: Dealing with bullies
Angra: Pushing up daisies
Lenore Coffee: Reclaiming Innocence
Fifty Five: After School Nonsense
Technophile: Life and responsibility
DrinkingPiano: Chrono, Magus, Lavos & the end of time
Xandaca: Virtual reality
Kimicario: Death of the Undyi-er, I mean, Lost in the Music
randombullseye: An epic poem by Josh “randombullseye” Hayes
Om Nom On Souls: What Games Can Give and What Games Can Take
VGFreak1225: Unfamiliar Territory
GeekyJuuu: Yes, I Can
ceark: Filling the Empty Box
Nathsies: Death
Wrenchfarm: The Weird Guilt of Online Games

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