The Game Awards are back in December

‘It will be very special’

This post feels like confirmation of the already-expected — like reporting that, yes, the sun rose this morning and, yes, it’ll set this evening. Geoff Keighley’s Game Awards are back, baby! You knew this would be the case, you could feel it in your bones. Life has many uncertainties, but death, taxes, and The Game Awards are not among them.

Mark it on your calendars, December 12. A press release tells us we’re getting all the usual stuff — world premieres, musical performances, and actual awards. Keighley, in a tweet, says that this year’s Game Awards celebrates creation. The 5th anniversary show “will be very special.”

Whether it’s indeed extraordinary or the usual ho-hum doesn’t really matter. The Game Awards has become one of the most unironically fun nights in video games. (Although, sometimes the fun is also ironic). Like a Frankenstein’s monster of mish-mashed holidays — maybe Halloween, Christmas, and a boring bank holiday — The Game Awards always brings some excitement, some prestige, and some routine. Oh, it’s like the NBA All-Star Weekend too, because our comments section is always flooded with savage dunks.

Brett Makedonski
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