The FFXIV team is investigating recent network issues

FFXIV network issues

Following Patch 6.1

Final Fantasy XIV has been having some network hiccups lately. No, not nearly as catastrophic as the launch of Endwalker! But still notable to the point where the team is putting up a blog asking folks to send in reports of their own FFXIV network issues.

As is the case with many missives, the game’s own producer Naoki “Yoshi P” Yoshida took to the game’s blog to notify users of “network-related issues,” including packet loss and lag. The culprit is patch 6.1, which was implemented back on April 12. So far, this is the result of their investigation:

“Based on the information that most of the recent reports are specifically coming from Japan, while others are playing without issue, the network-related issues may be due to the network routing. In the past month, some of the internet service providers (ISP) in Japan have been reporting issues due to high network concentration or trouble related to construction. That said, it may still be possible for us to contact the ISP and work together to see if we can resolve the issues.”

However, if you’re having FFXIV network issues, Yoshi P says you should report them here under the “providing information on packet loss and lag” topic. The blog then walks users through how to provide traceroute info (/run tracert). Hopefully they figure it out and it doesn’t impact you!

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