The Fallout 76 Axe-ion event starts today

Fallout 76 Axe-ion event

And runs through November 28 at 12PM ET

Bethesda has provided a new update on Fallout 76 happenings, and this time around, you’ll get another event before the next big patch.

It’s called the “Call to Axe-ion,” and lets you pick up the Redd-Upper Auto-Axe skin on the Atomic Shop (free): and adds “unique daily and weekly challenges.” While things are relatively quiet for now, the next big thing for Fallout 76 is still scheduled to arrive in December. That month will kick off season 11 of the season pass, as well as the “Nuka-World on Tour” update, which will ring in new public events, a region boss, and of course, more events.

For hardcore players, there’s also some mechanical changes coming in regards to weapons:

“Although we are playing in a post-apocalyptic world, we still want to keep that world fair, fun, and inviting to all. While you have been exploring and rebuilding, we have been working on a new system that works behind the scenes to remove illegal attachment combinations that violate the EULA to ensure that every single player is using and trading the same items and has the same advantages as you. In today’s PTS update, we are implementing a system that will remove illegal mods attached to weapons that cannot be obtained in-game. Most players will not notice any change to their existing weapons, however, players who are in possession of a weapon with a mod that cannot be equipped naturally to the weapon may notice a damage decrease to the weapon, and the mod will no longer exist. This is intentional and does not need to be reported on the PTS Bug Reports channel in our Official Discord, but we encourage you to report anything unusual you observe outside of this change.”

Here are the times when the Fallout 76 Axe-ion event starts and ends:

Event Start: 12:00 p.m. ET on November 15
Event End: 12:00 p.m. ET on November 28

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