The next big Fallout 76 update is still slated for December

Fallout 76 December update

Here’s the most recent roadmap

Fresh off of launching The Pitt, Bethesda has reconfirmed the Fallout 76 December update timing in a new blog.

First, the team will celebrate the Fallout 25th anniversary starting on October 4. Those festivities will ring in bonus weekends (double mutations and caps-a-plenty), and the From Beyond/Halloween-themed Spooky Scorched seasonal events. The next month, starting on November 3, Community CAMP Creations are being celebrated, with more bonus weekends (this time they’ll add double XP into the mix), and a legendary purveyor sale.

The main event though is in December, as the Nuka-World On Tour fully-fledged update will arrive, which brings in more content.¬†Bethesda also confirms that it’ll “reopen the Public Test Server for a new round of playtesting next month [October].” As a reminder, all of that takes place on Steam now with the shutdown of the Bethesda Launcher.

Here’s the full rundown on the Fallout 76 December update – Nuka-World On Tour:

  • We have a story tease from Bethesda: “The Fizziest Show on Earth has kicked the irradiated dust off the tires and hit the road”
  • It’ll feature new public events, as well as a region boss public event series
  • Nuka-World On Tour will kick off Season 11 (currently we’re on Season 10 with The Pitt update, titled “The City of Steel”)

Here’s an up-to-date Fallout 76 2022 roadmap:

Fallout 76 Q4 2022 roadmap

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