The Elder Scrolls Online suffers totally unexpected launch issues

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A well-known MMO suffers major launch-day issues that prevent people from being able to play. Shocker.

In a turn of events surprising nobody, players of The Elder Scrolls Online on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are reporting the inability to log in and play. This is, unfortunately, fairly standard with newly released MMOs, but what’s interesting is it’s not the only problem players are reporting.

The Express has reported that in true Elder Scrolls fashion, there are a whole load of bugs plaguing the game: crucial NPCs going missing, being kicked for chat spamming without sending a single message, keyboards not working, and problems with the friend system have all been brought up to ZeniMax.

An admin on the ZeniMax forums has claimed the problems will be fixed shortly… we have no idea how shortly they consider to be shortly:

“Hey everyone. We’re working on getting this resolved as soon as possible. We’ll update you as soon as everything is up and running. Thanks for your patience!”

ZeniMax admins have also offered the incredibly helpful fix of simply trying again until it works:

“Hey guys,

We are aware that some of you are still seeing the following error message when attempting to login to the game: “Login Error: An unexpected error has occurred.” This error message is due to the overwhelming demand for ESOTU and the high volume of traffic currently hitting our login servers.

We understand this is frustrating, but we encourage you to continue to try logging in until you reach a screen stating that you’ve been placed into a queue. Once you’re in the queue, please do not leave the queue, close the game client, or otherwise navigate away from this screen. We’re working to get you into Tamriel as quickly as we can. Thanks for your continued patience and support!”

Way to totally stick the landing there, TESO. I like you, I want you to do well, but come the fuck on. Here’s hoping people will be able to play soon.

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Joe Parlock